Terms of Use

I. General

(a) The Site Welcomes You. We ask you to read the Terms of Use below carefully and thoroughly (later: agreement), so that you can be clear about your rights and obligations coming from the use of our Site.

(b) This agreement consists of a system of Definitions and Conditions. The interpretation of bolded words and phrases in this agreement can be found in among the ‘Definitions’ and have to be interpreted according to what is written there both in the part of ‘Conditions’ and ‘Definitions’.

(c) Numbered points, within them lettered paragraphs, can be found in the ‘Conditions’ part, which contain the conditions of agreement, and woven the Definitions into the text.

(d) If the ’Definitions’ part contains a statement which can be interpreted as a condition, in this case that statement is equal to the conditions defined in the ’Conditions’ part, and it has to be considered as such in this agreement.

II. Definitions

Terms of Use: this document.

Conditions: this Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Use of Cookies and any other statement, rule, communications and legal notice that is published on the Site. If there is a contradiction between them, this Terms of Use are the primary and authoritative.

Site: the www.gruppenlotto.com website and the same www.gruppenlotto.eu website including it, but not exclusively its contents, its trademarks, its services, its subdomains and linguistic versions, sent e-mail messages and their contents, the name GruppenLotto and its trademarks.

User, You: any person who visits the Site, accesses any of its content elements or uses any of its services, including You.

Parties: the economic association providing the service, GLE-Games s.r.o. Parková 45, Bratislava, 821 05 Slovakia, Company registration number: 51751721 and You, who make this present agreement.

Account: Data group which had been created to the registered User of the Site, and which contains the User’s financial, personal, game-related data and those which are in connection with the use of services. See as: Account: The part of a User’s account which records the User’s financial data without limitation: the balance, the bonuses, the commissions, the payments, as it can be seen on the Site.

Lotto Organizers: independent, professional companies who are in possession of the government, or they operate on the basis of governmental concession and they organize and manage lottery games according to their own conditions. In this present document we also call your agent or your representative a ‘Lotto Organizer’.

Lotteries: number of lotteries organized in different parts of the world, and which are organized and managed by Lottery Organizers according to their own terms and conditions.

Jackpot: a lottery that made a direct hit, which generally means the simultaneous hit of all the numbers and the accidental numbers of a lottery, according to the terms of a lottery jackpot organizer.

Lottery Group: a group formed of the Users of the Site, who pay the participation fee of a given number of lottery tickets of a particular Lottery game proportionately until the deadline as it is given in the Site, therefore they validly and irrevocably applied to the game so that they can share the prize.

Partner Company: an enterprise or a private person which or who is hired to provide the service of GruppenLotto on the basis of the contract made with GruppenLotto.

Third Party: each and every enterprise or private person who is independent from GruppenLotto, who is not Partner Company, neither an Authority or government bodies. Customer Service: a service provided with the aim by GruppenLotto that the questions, enquiries, complaints, reclamations of the Users to be answered and treated fully and satisfactorily for the Parties.

Participation Fee: from the side of a User it is an amount of money which is necessary to be paid for the application to a Lottery Group, whose amount and currency is published on the Site, including the discounts and other conditions which are published there, if there are any of them. In this present agreement any other purchase price, fee or expenses paid in return to any other services or products of the Site are defined as Participation Fee.

Refund: a flow of money, which means the partial or full reimbursement of a counted fee which was successfully reclaimed through the Customer Service, regulated in a way which is written in point 14.

Affiliate: a User who was validly registered, who uses the opportunities of promotion with the aim that he or she invites other users to the games organized by GruppenLotto so that he or she can receive commission for his or her activity.

Affiliation: each and every validly registered User have the right to recommend the services of GruppenLotto through the different means of the Site which were developed especially for that purpose, and which we call an Affiliate by a collective noun.

Affiliated: If a newly registered User appears in the system, he will be considered as an Affiliated, and the Affiliate receives a commission, according to this present agreement. Link of Affiliation: a link which complies with the Conditions and which points to the Site of GruppenLotto, so that other Users can also join with its help and the Affiliate who publishes this link will have a benefit from that and then a commission is paid to him or to her according to the regulated conditions defined in this present agreement.

Commission Bonus: in case of rewarding Affiliates in the way how it is written in Conditions, the definition of Commission Bonus means the money which is discharged on the account of the Affiliate, which can be spent only on a game in the Site with limitations regarding how the money can be used in a game, and it cannot be drawn as real money.

Commission Money: rewarding Affiliates happens as it is stated in this present Conditions and the definition of Commission Money means the money that is actualized on the Account of the Affiliate, which can be used for a game or to use other services of the Site that cost money, or this amount can be drawn as real money.

Commission: in case of rewarding Affiliates as it is included in this present Conditions the definition of Commission as a collective definition means both the Commission Bonus and the Commission Money.

Welcome bonus: bonus money which is given adventitiously by the Site for the valid accession of a new User and which can be used only for playing the game and which can be given only once as it is called above. The aim of welcome bonus is to provide the User the opportunity to be able to test the available services of the Site on the expense of GruppenLotto without any further obligations subject to the limitations regarding how you can spend money in the Site.

Prize: if one or more lottery tickets of a Lottery Group are authorized to money prize, on the basis of the rules which are given by the Lottery Organizer regarding the lottery draw, then prize means the amount of money that the Lottery Organizer or its representative actually pays to the agent right after the acceptance of the requirement of the prize or the presentation of the ticket, after the deduction of taxes and levies. If the currency of the prize differs from the currency of the User’s Account authorized to the fragment of the prize, then GruppenLotto exchanges the part of the new User to a currency which he or she can use by using his or her own published triangulation.

Calendar week: It is a 7 days period of time, according to official London time starting on Monday from 0.00 am to Sunday 23.59 pm.

Personal Data: every data in our possession which had been entered by a User or provided in any other way either automatically or as a result of a process, which is suitable for carrying out the identification of persons, including the persons full name, his or her first and surname, address, e-mail address, bank details or Facebook profile information without limitation.

III. Conditions

1. Background

(a) The Site gives information about Lottery, and it offers the opportunity of playing Lottery in a group in a way that it organizes Lottery Groups from Users who pay the necessary fee of participation, and by that, they acquire a commonly shared lottery prize as well as commission after Affiliation, which lottery prizes and commissions can be spent on further games or they can draw it.

2. Assent

(a) By using the Site you accept the Conditions. If you do not accept the Conditions or any parts of them, or if you do not agree with any parts of the Conditions, then do not use or view the Site.

(b) Conditions due to easier use of the Site are carefully translated into different languages, to serve the convenience of our Users, but the official and original language of the Conditions is English, therefore you accept the official Conditions in English language, and you agree with them while you are using the Site. If the text of Conditions’ translation and the official English text differ from each other, or it can be interpreted ambiguously, then the English version shall prevail and must be read.

(c) We maintain the right that we can modify the Conditions at any time according to our own consent, but we inform our Users through the Site about the fact of change, so that they will have the opportunity to suspend the use of the Site if they do not agree with the modified Conditions. If the User is still using the Site 12 calendar days after the publication of the modification then we consider that the User agreed the modified Conditions as well.

3. Publication

(a) GruppenLotto stores the personal data of its Users with particular care, and it will not share them with a Third Party. User agrees that if he or she uses the service of a Partner Company while using the service of GruppenLotto provided under present Terms, then it can provide data to a Partner Company in the extent of the providence of the services offered by the Partner Company, which can use the data exclusively to manage the partial service they provide.

(b) GruppenLotto, due to its obligation to other legal regulations that may exist, maintains the right that it can share your Personal Information with an authority or government bodies for authoritative or governmental official request, without informing you, including every digital information and data, that is available concerning your Account.

4. Use of the Site, Suspension

(a) GruppenLotto allows Users to use the Site and its free services or those that cost money, if they comply with the specifications of the Conditions and they keep them. If the User uses the Site in a way that he or she does not meet one or more points of the Conditions, then GruppenLotto has the right to suspend his or her User Account, with or without informing the User.

(b) GruppenLotto suspends the User Account if the User demonstrably puts through the following acts, including but not excluding that: he or she dates bad reputation of the Site or GruppenLotto, tries to discredit them, publishes false statement on the Internet or through other channels about the Site or about GruppenLotto, and behaves in an unethical way so that he or she violates business interests of GruppenLotto.

(c) The suspended account, independently from the fact that it was suspended either for the request of the User or on the exclusive basis of GruppenLotto’s decision, in each and every case it can be reactivated through the Customer Service, which the Customer Service overrides for the request of the User, considering altogether what he or she presents and the available data.

5. Rules of Guarantee

(a) GruppenLotto does not organize and holds Lottery Drawing, but they are organized and managed by Lottery Organizers, therefore our data service is based on the statement of the Lottery Organizer, we procure our data from the Lottery Organizers. We do not give a guarantee if these data are inappropriate, false or changed. You accept that Lottery Organizers define appropriate and final data in connection with Lottery Draw, they can be procured from their official sources and GruppenLotto does not have any impact on these.

(b) You agree that Lottery Draws take place according to the conditions of Lottery Organizers, which you have to examine independently and accept it, before you press into any of our services.

(c) You accept and note that we do not make any statement that means or pertains that we play winning numbers, or we create a Lottery Group, which would surely win, or would win with a greater chance than anyone who played with the same amount of lottery tickets.

(d) GruppenLotto does not guarantee that the Lottery Organizer manages the lottery draw, pays the prize, accept the request of prize we hand in, therefore GruppenLotto cannot be taken responsibility for the disservices that derives from any kind of faults of the Lottery Organizer, including Lottery Draws that had not taken place, prizes that had not been paid, or request of prize that had been refused.

(e) GruppenLotto especially cannot be obliged to pay and prize instead of the Lottery Organizer or grant any real disservice that derives from the fault of the Lottery Organizer. You renounce any of your legal or equitable claims, rights or requests from GruppenLotto, which arises from the incorrect or inappropriate operation of the Lottery Organizer.

(f) GruppenLotto does everything to ensure that the numbers published on the Site and the numbers on the purchased lottery tickets are to be identical, but if any differences occur, the number on the lottery tickets are valid and final, therefore any request of prize can arise only on the basis of the real numbers on lottery tickets of the Lottery Organizer.

(g) The basic aim of GruppenLotto is to procure the lottery tickets of the Lottery Group precisely, to store them safely, and to share them digitally with the members of the Lottery Group. GruppenLotto does everything to manage these activities in the way as it is written above. Nevertheless, it cannot be charged for lost lottery tickets, for mistakes made on the tickets or if the request of prize could not be handed in for any reasons or of the lottery tickets had not been purchased in time. In these cases our one and only liability and compensation to the User is the refund of the Participation Fee which was paid to apply to the Lottery Group.

(h) The Site of GruppenLotto can be used “as it is” and “as it is available”, without any guarantee for the correctness or accuracy of the operation, errors, virus outbreaks, security gaps. GruppenLotto hereby disclaims any and all warranties that regards the punctuality and correctness of data provided by its services, however, it uses all sensible IT solutions in order to ensure the punctuality and correctness of the provided data, as well as it makes the services of the Site free of security gaps.

(i) The User accepts that GruppenLotto does not guarantee the 100% availability of the Site, therefore it cannot be charged for any of the consequences that come from the inaccessibility, the slow or inappropriate operation of it, including technical problems of the Internet, problems of traffic and problems which come from the slow connection of the User or because of any other problems of inaccessibility.

6. User Account

(a) The User is obliged to create an Account in order to be able to use the services of GruppenLotto, which means the entering of true data precisely and in advance, in the registration surface of the Site in a definite data circle, including the User’s icon, which the User can change to an icon which the Site accepts after the validation of registration.

(b) As the condition of the creation of the Account GruppenLotto can make claims and the acceptance of a Facebook application, whose data circle cannot go beyond the obligatory data required by the Site.

(c) One person can create one Account at a time for his or her personal use. Legal person cannot create an account, as an Account always must belong to a private person each and every case, who complies with the Conditions.

(d) User cannot create an account in the name of another person or cannot use someone else’s account, and a mutual account cannot be created either.

(e) User can freely decide, whether he or she is willing to provide the data needed for the creation of the Account, but if he or she decides not to give exactly any of the obligatory data that is needed, then he or she cannot create an Account. If he or she does not enter one or more obligatory data, then he or she can create an Account.

(f) For the access of the data of the Account it is needed to enter two correct data. First a valid username or e-mail address, secondly a password that belongs to this User. The Account can become available by the prior authorization of a Facebook application, in this case the identification of the User happens by Facebook.

(g) The User is responsible for keeping the password safe that is needed for his or her login, and for the automatically generated password given by us. If the User thinks that the password of the User Account was compromised, or the Account was hacked, then he or she is obliged to change the password immediately, or to suspend his or her Account by the help of the means of the Site. GruppenLotto cannot be charged for disservices that derive from compromitation of the password.

(h) The User is fully responsible for the activities regarding his or her Account. If there is a valid entry into the Account through Facebook or by giving the User’s name/e-mail address and password, then GruppenLotto assumes that the entry happened by the User and therefore it allows every action to the User who logged in regarding the Account that belongs to him or to her. Therefore the User is obliged to keep the password of his or her Account on a safe place.

(i) There is an internal Account linked to the User Account which contains the User’s updated balance, in the currency that was given to the User automatically according to the country of accession at the moment when the User Account was created. The Account records the amount of the User Bonus and the Commission.

(j) A User Account can be created by any person who is over the age of 18, without any other limitation regarding the person. A person who is below the age of 18 cannot create an Account, the Account they create is invalid even if the services of The Site operate for him or for her because of the false data he or she entered to the Site.

(k) GruppenLotto has the right to suspend an Account immediately if it becomes aware the fact that the User of the Account has not reached the age of 18 yet. The Account that had been suspended in such a way remains suspended until the person becomes 18 years old.

(l) The User can freely decide to suspend or delete his or her Account by the help of the means of the Site or by the assistance of the Customer Service.

7. Welcome Bonus

(a) GruppenLotto can give Welcome Bonus to players at the first accession. Welcome Bonus is realized on the Account of the User when he or she met the conditions of the Welcome Bonus which is:

  • He or she has not had an Account earlier on the Site.
  • He or she signed up to the Site and he or she entered the required Personal Data.
  • He or she accepted the Conditions and agreed with them.
  • He or she confirmed his/her application to the Site through e-mail.
  • He or she gave a user name and with this last step he/she created a valid Account.
8. Items of the Financial Balance

(a) Each User Account has an Account in the Site, which is represented by a financial chart, and which has to be interpreted according to what is written here. Lines of the chart which are not defined here are given in the Site and they are obvious.

(b) The balance is the amount of the real money and the bonus money of the User.

(c) Real money is the amount of money that:

  • the User pays according to what is written in point 15.
  • a User won as a member of a Lottery Group
  • the User received after the validation of a real money coupon code
  • the User received by the validation of a VIP card
  • the User received by the validation of Gift Card
  • the User received as a gift from the administrator of the Site
  • after a new User registered as an Affiliated and paid a deposit the User as an Affiliate receives Commission Money.

The real money can be drawn, can be used for a game, or can be used in any other ways as it is published in the Site.

(d) Bonus money is the amount of money which the User:

  • receives as Welcome Bonus
  • receives from the administrator of the Site as a Gift
  • receives by validation of a bonus money coupon code
  • receives as a Commission Bonus after a new Affiliated used registered.

Bonus Money cannot be drawn, it can be used exclusively for a game or in any other ways that is published in the Site.

(e) The Commission Money till now means all the cumulated amount the User receives as a commission from the beginning after the payment of deposits which those pay who were affiliated by him/her. The real money that can be used in real, can always be read from the 1 line of real money in the chart of the User’s account.

(f) The Commission Bonus till now means all the cumulated amount, that the User had received as a commission from the beginning, after the Welcome Bonus of Affiliated new Users. The real bonus money that can be used in real can always be read from the 2nd line of real money in the chart of the User’s Account.

9. Participation in the Lottery Group

(a) The conditions of participation is a valid Account, a User who complies with the valid Conditions, acceptance of the present Conditions, as well as participation in the Lottery Group by paying the participation fee from the User’s Account as it is defined in the Site.

10. Payment of the Participation Fee

(a) Payment of the Participation Fee takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • first the real money of the User is used independently from the fact whether he/she has bonus money or not
  • if the real money of the User is not enough, then the bonus money of the User will be also used to the necessary extent
  • if the real money and the bonus money of the User is not enough even altogether, then the User has to transfer money to his/her own internal Account as it is written in point 15, so he/she can balance the participation fee.
11. Lottery Draws

(a) The User understands and accepts the fact that GruppenLotto does not organize Lottery Draws, as they are organized by official Lottery Organizers, according to their own conditions. If a User participates as a member of a Lottery Group, he/she automatically accepts the conditions of participation of the Lottery Organizer, which he/she has to investigate in the Site of the regarded Lottery Organizer, or from the official statements published by them, right before he/she would join a Lottery Group.

12. Share of Prizes

(a) 100% of the prize goes to those Users who are members of that Lottery Group which hit the prize. Everyone in the group receives an amount which complies with the portion of play rate he/she owns in the given Lottery Group.

(b) GruppenLotto does not receive anything from the prize and does not subtract any amount from it, not entitled to do that in any form.

(c) The User agrees that the User will cooperate with GruppenLotto during the whole prize claim process posed by the Lotto Organizer at User’s expense.

13. Realization of Prize

(a) The User agrees in advance that after the cases of confirming the realization of prize, GruppenLotto can use the fact of the Prize (including the name of the Lottery, the Lottery Organizer, the date of the Prize and its amount), the first name or monogram and icon of the Users in the winning group, for marketing purposes. The User agrees that GruppenLotto will pay the Prize which was won in the following way:

  • GruppenLotto realizes each and every prize immediately in the Account of the Users who won, and whose whole amount does not exceed $10,000 (which is the thousand American dollars) or an amount which is the same, if the currency of the prize differs from that.
  • In cases when the amount reaches or exceeds $10,000, but it is not a Jackpot Prize, GruppenLotto pays the prize after the Lottery Organizer pays the amount to the representative of GruppenLotto.
  • In case of Jackpot hits and hits in a one level lower winning class, GruppenLotto can decide that by the cooperation of the winning Lottery Group, it organizes the delivery of the prize in a way that it involves the Users who won the prize personally so that the prizes go directly to the bank account of the Users from the Lottery Organizer while considering what is written in point 12. In this case Users are informed about the necessary legal and physical steps (travelling, visa, legal representation etc.) which they are obliged to follow independently and for their own costs in accordance with the amount of the prize, and they also need to comply with the required conditions.
14. Refund Policy

(a) You agree that except the in the cases of the paragraph which is separately regulated in the present point, the participation fee of using the services of the Site which belong to the Lottery group cannot be refund. Participation in the games and the payment of the Participation Fee happens according to your consideration and decision beforehand, when you join a lottery Group. The paid Participation Fee after the agreement from your side is a final transaction and cannot be withdrawn.

(b) If you feel that we charged you with a fee or with an amount which was wrongful or above the right extent, you can ask the refund of the fee through the Customer Service which is operated in our Site. We examine each and every request, in which you provide the relevant information that is needed for the refund, as well as the reason why you think that the transaction should be paid back. In case if we charged you with the amount wrongful, we pay it back to you.

15. Deposits Paid to GruppenLotto

(a) Paying with a Bank Card. The User agrees that to be able to pay with his/her bank card, and for the processing of transactions GruppenLotto can use the services of the Partner Company, in which case the User investigates and agrees the conditions of the Partner Company, which conditions are made available to the User by the Partner Company.

(b) Payment with bank transfer. GruppenLotto gives the opportunity to the User that he/she can pay to his/her Account by bank transfer without any extra charges. In this case the User accepts that the realization of payments happens automatically only if he/she provides his/her exact personal data and nothing else in the communication box of the bank transfer.

(c) If the condition above is not met, GruppenLotto does everything to identify the incoming transfer as soon as possible. The transfer – if it can be precisely identified on the basis of the existing data – it is going to be realized manually to the Account of the User, without any subtractions.

(d) In case if the identification of transfer would be impossible for any reasons the amount is transferred back. In case when the money is transferred back in the same country where the above mentioned bank account which belongs to the item that cannot be identified, the extra charge is $ 10 (or an amount which is the same amount in the currency of the mentioned bank account), transferring back to a different country is $ 50 extra charge (or an amount which is the same amount in the currency of the mentioned bank account). The money is transferred back after the subtraction of these extra charges in a way that above these expenses the beneficiary of the transaction has to pay the bank expenses of the transfer as well.

(e) If the amount mentioned in paragraph (d) does not reach the commission of paragraph (d) or it can be foreseen that in a way which is after the reduction of the commission the amount is not going to be enough to cover the expenses of the transfer, we can freely decide not to transfer the money back, or transfer it back on our own expenses.

16. Accomplishment of Prizes

(a) The User has the opportunity at any time to require the amount of real money in the form of real money from the balance of his/her real money account, if it reaches or exceeds the minimum amount defined in the Site. He/she has the opportunity to do that by the means provided in the Site, which means the following opportunities:

  • Payment to bank account. In this case the bank card has to be the same as the bank card which the User has already used for payment before. In case of paying to a bank account we pay the amount in a way which includes the reduction by the commission. GruppenLotto obviously states the exact amount of the commission regarding the transaction in the Site, before the finalization of the transaction, so that the User can decide, whether he/she wants the transaction with those conditions or not.
  • Transfer to a Bank Account. In this case we transfer the money to a bank account which is given by the User alternatively in Hungary or in abroad. In case of payment to a bank account we pay the account (incidentally after a necessary currency conversion) in a way that the commission is subtracted. GruppenLotto obviously states the exact amount of the commission regarding the transaction in the Site, before the finalization of the transaction, so that the User can decide, whether he/she wants the transaction with those conditions or not. In case of bank transfer beyond the expenses accepted by the User the full amount of the whole transfer has to be paid by the beneficiary.

(b) The Site can require further identification from the User to be able to check whether the data given by him/her are correct, and in that way make sure that the payment happens to the User indeed. This type of identification is not always needed, GruppenLotto freely decides whether it insists on further identification in order to pay.

17. Affiliates and Commissions

(a) GruppenLotto Site gives an opportunity to each and every User who join to become an Affiliate and with this activity he/she could obtain Commission Bonus or Commission Money (later Commission). The system provides a special link, an Affiliate link to the User so he/she can share it in his/her website, on Facebook, or in any other websites, in social networks (later: statement) in a way that this statement complies with the following requirements:

  • The statement does not state anything about the services of GruppenLotto that is false.
  • The statement is in accordance with the GruppenLotto Site’s tone of voice and with its aims.
  • The text of the link anchor does not state anything else but where you can actually get through the link.
  • The website which is used for statement or the content of another site is not insulting, overstating, ambiguous, pornographic, or violating others’ right of authorization (this is what we decide exclusively).
  • It does not use other banners only which are recommended by GruppenLotto, or which is permitted through the Customer Service by request.
  • The context of statement is not insulting, overstating or ambiguous (we decide it exclusively.)
  • In case of stating anything on Facebook beyond considering all the points above it uses a favourable image which image complies with all the independent policies of Facebook altogether with the text belonging to it. It is also true for the image, which can be associated to the images from the points above.

(b) If the Affiliate Link, which had been placed not according to the rules above, or according to the link, the source of the link can be identified, we can oblige him/her to correct the link or to remove it. In parallel, if the User can be identified, the payment of commission can be suspended by the suspension of the regarded Account or in any other way.

(c) A User has the right to have commission if the cases below apply together:

  • The Account of the User is not suspended, limited or deleted.
  • The Affiliate Link of the User had been placed validly and complies with all what is written in the requirements above.
  • A User by clicking on the Affiliate Link 30 days after his/her last click validly registers from another computer and creates a new Account with another IP address, in this way he/she becomes an Affiliated.
  • On this Account of the User Welcome Bonus or real money occurs by deposit.

(d) In the case according to the previous paragraph (c) after the Welcome Bonus its 10% is realized as Welcome Bonus, after the investment of real money its 10% is realized as Commission Money in the Account of the User.

(e) Negative Commission (which is commission subtraction) can be given to an Affiliate, if the Affiliated retrieves money which has already been given to the Affiliate once. GruppenLotto can act in such a way that it realizes Commission on the Account of the Affiliate after the money he/she has already used for a game.

(f) Commission cannot be given to the Affiliate after the prize of the Affiliated which he/she won or after another his/her realized money that does not come from paying a deposit, except the Welcome Bonus.

(g) The Commission to the Affiliate can be paid after the Affiliated until this present agreement is valid concerning both the Affiliate and the Affiliated, and neither the Account of the Affiliate nor the Account of Affiliated is suspended, limited or deleted.

(h) The Affiliate – Affiliated logical relation will not be lost until their personal details can all be found in the system. If the conditions in (g) exist later again in a certain point of time after they did not exist for a while, from that moment the commission of the Affiliate after the Affiliated is valid again.

(i) If an Affiliate deletes his/her Account, he/she will not be able to qualify for any from any kind of commissions, independently from the fact that how many Affiliated did he/she had, as with the deletion of the Account the logical relation of the Affiliate – Affiliated will not exist anymore.

18. Customer Service

(a) For any enquiry, complaint, reclaim of the User he/she can contact our Customer Service in several different ways, which was created with a purpose to handle all these situations in the right way, including problems in connection with payment, deposit and use of the Site. We provide the following contacts: 1. You can send an e-mail to us to support@gruppenlotto.com 2. You can send a message to us by filling in the form which you can find in the ‘Contact Us’ part of our website. 3. You can initiate a live chat conversation with us by the help of the means you can find in our Site, according to the time schedule given. 4. You can call our Customer Service (on your own expense), according to the time schedule given.

(b) Our Customer Service makes every possible effort to deal with your request or to answer your question as soon as possible.

(c) The User agrees that he/she provides every data and information that is necessary to the identification and to the solution of the situation in case he/she has any request, question, complaint or reclaim. The User agrees that we can hire a Partner Company to provide services in order to make our Customer Service operate properly.

19. The Principle of a Responsible Game

(a) GruppenLotto does not allow persons below the age of 18 to create an Account in compliance with the responsible service provider behaviour about games and bids. In the consent of decide the age of a User the date of birth is to be followed for GruppenLotto.

(b) GruppenLotto recommends to the User to consider responsibly the amount he/she can spend on the participation in Lottery Groups, or on using other services of the Site occasionally or regularly.

(c) GruppenLotto suggests setting reasonable limits regarding the amount (in accordance with his/her salary) that a User can afford to spend on participation in Lottery Groups or using other services of the Site.

(d) GruppenLotto suggests to the User not to consider the prizes which can be won accidentally in Lottery Groups as a source of income.

(e) If you experience that you are not able to use our services in a responsible way, you have to opportunity to suspend or delete your Account by the help of the means that are provided in the Site.

(f) If you feel that you have doubts about using our services responsibly, then please do contact GameCare organization, where you can receive anonymous assistance. The name of their website: http://www.gamcare.org.uk/.

20. Protection of Mental Possession

(a) If anyone without rights (including the Conditions) copies any elements of the Site with the aim of making an income and publishes them (later: illegal use), then he/she is obliged to pay a fee for use, which fee is $1,000 per element and per day, which is one thousand dollars. In case of illegal use the basis of the compensation fee is that amount ($1,000) per illegally used elements, from the first day of the illegal use.

(b) To those who according to paragraph (a) carry out illegal use, according to paragraph (a) we send a bill which includes the relevant fee of compensation. The person is obliged to pay the fee within 3 days and stop the illegal use.

(c) Regarding the illegal use according to paragraph (a) it does not matter whether a person or an economic association is the one who carry them out, these rules apply independently from the fact whether they registered to the Site or not.
(d) In the Site, in the Conditions or any other trademark, name of service and logo which is mentioned by GruppenLotto in any other places but do not belong to GruppenLotto are the possession of a given owner.

21. Links Placed in the Site

(a) The Site of GruppenLotto can contain links which point to the website of a Third Party or a Partner Company, or it directs the User there. You accept that we have no control over the operation of websites which belong to a Third Party or a Partner Company, nor we do over the services provided by them.

(b) Hereby you release GruppenLotto from the responsibility, which derives from the use of websites belonging to a Third Party or a Partner Company..

22. Assigning Rights

(a) You accept that you cannot assign the right to anyone else which derives from this present agreement of Conditions, not you can give away these rights to anyone else, you cannot give permission to another person to have them.

23. The Validity and the Expiry of the Agreement

(a) This agreement is valid until it ceases to exist by the initiation of one of the Parties. GruppenLotto maintains the right to limit or even to cease your access to the Site or to a part of the Site, or to suspend, limit your Account, but it is obliged to explain the reason of its exclusive decision for your request through the Customer Service.

(b) If you do not agree with one or more points of the present conditions, or paragraphs, your only opportunity is not to use the Site and you ask the deletion of your personal data by the means provided for this purpose in the Site or through our Customer Service.

24. Procedures of Arrangements and Legal Procedures in Case of Disputes

(a) You accept that you solve all your legal disputes regarding GruppenLotto by arrangement first. If it does not lead to a satisfactory result, the trial shall be continued exclusively in London, in front of a court in the United Kingdom, in English language, and all the parties have to pay their relevant part of the judicial expenses.

25. Anti-Money Laundering

(a) Money laundering involves transforming money from crime (“dirty money”) into money that (i.) has the appearance of coming from a legitimate source, and (ii.) makes the criminal origin of the money difficult to trace (“clean money”). Effective money laundering enables criminals to remove themselves from their criminal activities, making it is harder to prosecute them, and confiscate their proceeds. Laundering money also enables criminals to enjoy the benefits of their crimes including investing their profits for future criminal activity.

(b) At GruppenLotto Ltd we are committed to the prevention of such activities. Any and all suspicious behaviour will be reported to the relevant authorities to take action against such parties. GruppenLotto Ltd has a zero tolerance approach in these matters and will assist with authorities in any way we can.

(c) GruppenLotto Ltd is committed to implementing any and all regulations related to money laundering as stipulated in the Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2007, Regulations and Codes of Practice Discussion Document, issued by FCA. (AML regulations in UK.)

26. Other measures

(a) You accept that if there is a point or paragraph in the Conditions which is not right because a regulation on a higher level determines it differently or it become invalid for any other reasons, other points of the contract still will be untouched and stay valid.

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