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How GruppenLotto uses cookies?

A cookie (alias browser cookie) is a short text which is sent to the browser by our website and stores it. With its assistance we are able to remember the information about you and your details when you visit, for example the language you use and other settings by you. This way the next visit can become smoother and using the website will be much easier. Cookies have an important role, using the Internet without them is much harder or even in some cases, it is impossible. Cookies are used for many purposes. By using them we can memorize settings regarding the state of your registration so that we can make the use of the site much easier. In this way we simplify the registration for our services, but at the same time we secure your data, as we do not store personal details or data in the cookies.

How GruppenLotto site uses cookies?

A Gruppenlotto nagy hangsúlyt fektet arra, hogy az oldal könnyen, gördülékenyen használható legyen és eközben az adataid is maximális biztonságban legyenek. The way how we secure and protect your data while you are using cookies is written in our Privacy Policy.

Exposition of the cookies we use

We expose the list of cookies below used by GruppenLotto so you can be informed how and for what purposes we use these cookies.

  •  gl_xref : this cookie stores the code of your affiliate, which cannot be interpreted to anyone else. You can also be an affiliate, who receive parts from the money that other members pay. You can read more about affiliation here.
  •  gl_lang : this cookie stores the language used
  •  gl_phpuid : this cookie stores your personal ID so we can identify who is using the site. On the other hand this is a combination of letters and numbers which is uninterpretable to others.
  •  gl_loguid : this cookie is active only if you are logged in the page. This is a unique ID, which is valid only and exclusively to that particular login so copying or using it would not make login possible to anyone else.
  •  gl_accesstoken : this cookie is active only if you are logged in the page. We are using it to increase your security.
  •  gl_machid : this cookie stores the information that supports the information that helps identifying your computer in a unique way so in this way it becomes possible to log in from any other devices (computer, tablet, smart phone) at the same time.
  •  gl_cuseok : this cookie stores the information that you have agreed with our use of cookies and our terms.

Actual present cookie settings

Most modern browsers provide the opportunity and a unique way to edit the cookie values. We present this chart to show that none of the cookies store personal data. The chart contains only the cookies which were constructed by GruppenLotto which do not contain cookies placed by other external browsers (e.g. Facebook, Google Analytics) to enable the operation of the page.

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