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About the site of GruppenLotto.com

We made the decision in 2008 that lottery needs to be taken more seriously. After a few years of playing lottery, doing research, and making contacts, it became clear that there is a lack of a site for playing lottery in groups, which has no limitations, and which is capable of creating contact between player and player, as well as it is for a reasonable price so it can make the game available to anyone on a regular basis. The basis of a successful lottery game is regularity. Therefore there was a need for a site to be created which provides the opportunity of regularity simply for anyone on a reasonable price. In 2014 a group of inventors and investors gathered to carry out the idea from scratch. Relying on our experience and our devotion our aim was to create a site which exceeds its competitors technically, in appearance, in its values and in its services, and regarding the treatment of users it will establish a completely new level. In this way the idea of GruppenLotto and the website itself were born. We made an important part of the concept that we want to make users interested in the game beyond the prize they can win. They invite other people thus we form a community where beyond the joy of winning members can gain a definite income. Apart from that another concept was also important, which is that if we find this so great, then we give the free opportunity to each and every new players so that they can try the service for our own money and they can be convinced by themselves. The improvement of the site is not stopped here. We have several ideas and several improvements in progress, we will offer numerous new opportunities, so that our goals can become reality and so that all of our players can feel that they are at the best site, in the best community.

The 7 main reasons for you to join

  • Free trial: you can try the game for our money without obligation and without paying any previous deposit
  • Efficiency: games are always aiming the highest prize
  • Reliability: lottery tickets are purchased in reality and they are named and addressed to their real owners
  • Price: It is unbelievable but you can participate in a game even below $0.20 on your account
  • Community: User name and icon – although it is a game but here everyone has a profile
  • An Opportunity for earning money: It is a unique, regular opportunity to earn money to each and every registered member
  • Rewards: The recognition and reward of the most successful recruiters and the best players.

Join us, win and earn money, feel great in our continuously growing community! Do you have a lot of friends? Then do not focus on your own job only, the opportunity of earning money is going to be a real opulence for you!

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