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Promote GruppenLotto-t and take the benefit from it!

Earn money by advertising GruppenLotto Surely you have already given so many advice, promote so many service and product to other people, from which you have not earned any money. It will be different with GruppenLotto! We gave an overview about the advantages of inviting other people which you can see on Earn money page, where we introduce all the tools which you can use efficiently to promote our site and by that you can build up a basis of players, which can result a regular, significant income

Attention! If you are a webmaster or if you have your own blog, website, or list of e-mail addresses, and if you are a very talented user of the internet, then you should rather read our page to Webmasters, which is more detailed and shows you much more opportunities.

We help your promotion

We developed effective and simple tools, so that you can reach many of your friends with the help of a few clicks. As we pay a commission after each and every successful affiliation, therefore it does matter how fast and efficient you are. You can use the following three tools extremely simply and instantly:

  • Precast Facebook shares
  • Sending pre-formulated invitation from our e-mailing system
  • Sending your personal message from your e-mail account

Further tools

The use of Facebook share shown here and the e-mail invitation do not require any serious knowledge or competence from you. But in addition to these there are other tools you can use. If you are interested in the whole range, read our page to Webmasters.

What should you do now?

You can find all the tools, with their description of quick use in My Tools page. Recruit as many players as you can, get 10% commission after them, and get a share from the money they pay in as a deposit. Perhaps it is unbelievable but within 10 minutes you can invite all your friends from your mailing list, and you can also add some more Facebook shares. The more you work on it, the greater benefits you will gain after the kick off on 31 May 2015, we promise that!

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