Privacy Policy

I. General

(a) This Privacy Policy is the part of GruppenLotto’s Terms of Use (accessible: Therefore terms and phrases used in bold in this Privacy Policy can be found in Terms of Use and have to be interpreted according to what is written there in this Privacy Policy as well. We ask you to read carefully and thoroughly the Privacy Policy below before using the Site so that you can be aware of privacy and data protection issues affecting you on how to use the Site.

II. Conditions:

1. Background and Our Devotion:

(a) The aim of this Privacy Policy, according to our intention, is to enhance the security of your Personal Data, to regulate data procession and to inform you in regard to how your personal information is collected, treated and used which comes into our possession by the collection of your activities you do on our Site and the virtual surface of our Partner Companies. (b) We are very committed to the respect how your Personal Data is stored, protected and managed by using the latest technology. Nevertheless, the protection and security of Personal Data online is an evolving area, so we are also committed to the direction of continuously improving this area of the Site. As no 100% secure technology exist we cannot guarantee in 100% the security of your Personal Data, although we will do all reasonable measures to this end. (c) The security of your Personal Data is very important to us. Hence we apply standard technologies which can be found on the Internet security market and we make every reasonable effort to do our best in order to achieve this goal at the highest level. This includes, inter alia, that the entire website can be achieved only through SSL encryption. As a central element in this sector of the market in a unique way, the spread of internet banking applications highly secure 2048-bit SSL certificate, as well as the IT solution that you can build a secure SSL connection with when the User's browser does not ask it anyway. The site is not accessible without using SSL. (d) This Privacy Policy, due to the ease of use of the Site, is carefully translated into several languages, in order to serve the convenience of the Users, but the official, original language of the Privacy Statement is English, therefore you accept the official English Privacy Statement, and you agree with them when you use the Site. If the translated text and the official English text are different or differently interpreted, then the English version shall prevail and must be read. (e) If you had any questions, requests, suggestions or concerns that would arise regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via our Customer Service or send an e-mail message to the e-mail address specifically reserved and maintained for this purpose: Questions or comments related to Internet data security are welcomed to the following e-mail address: websecurity gruppenlotto. com.

2. Assent

(a) By using this Site you accept the Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, or any portion thereof, or disagree with any part of the Privacy Policy, then do not use or do not view the Site. (b) We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at our discretion at any time, but we inform Users about the fact of change through the Site, so that they will have the opportunity to suspend the use of the Site if they disagree with the changed Privacy Policy. If the User continues using the Site 12 calendar days counted from the publication of the change, it is considered that the User has agreed to the changed Privacy Policy.

3. Opportunity of Decision

(a) You are free to decide whether to fully accept this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy or any part of it, or if you disagree with any part of the Privacy Policy, then do not use or view this Site. (b) You can always opt for using the Site, so you can decide not to enter a Personal Data at any time. If it is a binding data at that point, it may occur that you will not be able to use the Site properly, or move on, or accomplish a commenced process. In this case, other functions and surfaces of the Site remain usable.

4. Protection of Children

(a) The Site does not collect any data from people under the age of 18 as such person cannot create an Account. The Account of such person that has been created in a dolose way will be suspended immediately, as the basis of the date of birth of the person or another reliable source reveals to us that he has not reached the age of 18. (b) The design of the Site is purposely created in a way that it does not attract the attention of persons under the age of 18, and it is out of their interests.

5. Cases and Methods of Collecting Personal Data

(a) Certain services of the Site can be used even if You do not enter any Personal Data. Although the Site enables the Users to give Personal Data which happens in a way as it is written in paragraphs (b) – (g). (b) Creation of Account Certain functions can be available only if the User creates a User Account with a valid registration. When creating the Account the User enters certain Personal Data such as the first name, the surname, the postal code, the city, the e-mail address, the user icon, a short user name and a password which enables him or her to access the Account. (c) Payment by bank transfer User with an Account pays a deposit in a way that he or she transfers money by bank transfer to a bank account given on the Site, in which case we become aware of his or her bank account number, and the data of the bank transferring the money, we make a record of the Personal Data simultaneously with the records of the transactions, so that we make the transfer back easier. (d) Transfer payments We transfer payments by bank transfer to a User with an Account if required, but in this case we require and register Personal Data, including the bank account number and further Personal Data which are needed for a successful bank transfer. (e) Purchase User with an Account, to be able to use the services of the Site and to be able to purchase, has to enter Personal Data that is required for the transaction or to the accomplishment of purchase, such as the number of the bank card, postal address, or details in connection with the delivery. For these transactions or making purchases you can use the services of our Partner Company. In this case you undertake that you get to know the Privacy Policy of the Partner Company and you comply with it. We do not share any financial information beyond that with any Partner Companies. We do not share any of your financial information with any Third Party. (f) Log files The Site for your security, and in order to filter dolose traffic, or even for the purposes of analysis, uses log files which store each information that is delivered during the download of the page, including the IP address, the values of cookies, the type of the browser, the date, the source of the page link (‘referer’). These information are used for statistical, administrative and analytical purposes, as well as for the improvement of the security of the Site. (g) Other cases In some circumstances, it might be required from you to provide further Personal Data without limitation to investigate complaints, to grant refunds, to investigate abuse, to poll a greater amont of money. These might include the copy of your identity card, the copy of your passport or driving licence, and the copy of your postal address card.

6. Using Personal Information

(a) Personal Data which is collected in a way as it is written in point 5. by the Site or collected and received in any other way, can be used as it is written below in paragraphs (b)–(h). (b) Personal Data can be used for the purpose of identification of our Users and to deal with them separately. (c) Personal Data of our Users can be used to answer a question that the User asks through our Customer Service, or to find a solution to a problem he or she proposes. (d) We can use your e-mail address that you provide on our Site to send you offers, promotions, discount vouchers, news about our Site or product offers. (e) We can share the Personal Data of our Users with Partner Companies if the Partner Company is hired in a contract in order to provide a service of GruppenLotto. In this case, sharing Personal Data is limited to the minimum dataset that is definitely needed to the accomplishment of the partial service provided by the Partner Company. In compliance with the point 1. paragraphs (b) and (c) we make such contract exclusively with Partner Companies that have a Privacy Policy that comply with your principles and that is published. (f) Users can decide to Recommend services of the Site to his or her acquaintances, friend or to other persons. While performing this activity it might happen that we get hold of one or more Personal Data of these persons. If these persons are not registered on our Site, they can write an e-mail to the following e-mail address :, and they can ask the deletion of their e-mail address or any of their Personal Data that we received in some way, or they can even unsubscribe or ask the deletion in an e-mail. (g) Personal Data of our Users are not given to a Third Party in any circumstances and we do not sell them to a Third Party. (h) Personal Data of our Users might be disclosed to Authorities or to Government Bodies by official request.

7. Unsubscribe

(a) You can unsubscribe at any time from receiving e-mail messages written in point 6. paragraph (d) by clicking on the link provided at the footer of the e-mail, or you can demand to unsubscribe through our Customer Service. Note that the information of your Account or invoice, as well as important information regarding the purchase of the subscription fee will continue to be sent by e-mail to ensure the safety of services. (b) You can suspend sending e-mail messages by the means of the Site, or if necessary, you can re-enable it, in the My Account menu in the Personal Details section.

8. Facebook

(a) You can publish an opinion or you can make a comment at any time in GruppenLotto’s Facebook timeline, or you can do the same on other social networks, in which case it might occur that you share Personal Data (typically: name) with other visitors of these sites. (b) When you contact our Site through Facebook application, through app, plugin or through other site operated by a Third Party, it might occur that you provide us access to your Personal Data belonging to your profile which was created in other social networks.

9. Company sale or bankruptcy

(a) If GruppenLotto bought up by a Third Party or a Partner Company, we maintain the right as the part of a transaction that we forward the obtained Personal Data to the new owner. (b) In the extremely unlikely event of liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings, it is possible that we have no further check on the management or use of Personal Data. (c) In cases which are both included in the two paragraphs above, it can be generally stated that Personal Data obtained by GruppenLotto will be subject to the declaration of the new owner which may have different Privacy Policy.

10. Links to other websites

(a) Links to the Site of a Third Party might occur on GruppenLotto’s Site. We do not share any Personal Data with the Third Party in case of clicking on the link. (b) In this case the user will be subject to the Privacy Policy, belonging to the website which is operated by the Third Party, and therefore we do not take responsibility for that, as we do not have an impact on the operation of that site. Users use such a site for their own responsibility.

11. Data Collection of Partner Companies’ websites

(a) Our contracted Partner Companies can use cookies or other technologies in order to provide the high quality, the security or the convenience of their partial services. These data management are subject to the Privacy Policy of the Partner Company.

12. Use of Anonymous Data

(a) Anonymous data is not suitable to infer to a person or to identify a specific user. Therefore we use these type of data for statistical purposes, to enhance the level of security, to define trends, or either to post an advertisement to a targeted audience or a user experience so that we can further improve the quality and safety of our services. Last modification: January 2015

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